Free return delivery on all repairs*
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How it works


1. Fill in the quote form on the Free Quote page. Add your contact details along with your device(s) make and model and a short description of the fault.

We will review your request and send you back via email a quote for fixing your device(s).


2. If you are happy with our quote and you would like to go ahead with the repairs go to our Repair Status page, enter the email address you’ve used to request the quote and the reference number found on the quote email. Our system will retrieve a downloadable label containing the address and the information regarding your order to apply to the packaging when sending your device(s) to us.


3. Once your device(s) reach us we will immediately send you a notification via email. We will continue to keep you up to date with the progress we’re making throughout for your peace of mind (i.e. your order is being processed, we’ve ordered parts and waiting for their delivery, device is being looked at by one of our engineers).


4. When you device(s) are ready to be returned to you we will send you a link to complete the payment.


5. Once payment has been confirmed we will send your device(s) back to you to the address you’ve specified. We only use tracked delivery services to ensure that your devices get back safely to you.