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Quotation is a Repair Enquiry Form which is filled out and emailed to us.
The Repair Enquiry Form (Quote) requests some basic and necessary information such as the Fault , condition and perceived problem. Based on the information you have provided to us you will receive and estimated price for the repair. It is possible that the price to repair the unit is higher than the estimated price (for example, if the information provided was inaccurate, or if your unit has other faults). If the unit repair price is higher than the estimated price , you will be contacted via email or phone to authorise a new repair quotation.

No Fix, No Fee Guarantee

We make it our business to be straight with our customers. If after thorough analysis of the fault we consider that your device is beyond economical repair, meaning that the value of the repair and/or replacement parts is higher than the current market value of your device or if the part(s) required to successfully repair your device is/are no longer available we will inform you right away. If a device is deemed to be beyond economical repair by our engineers we will not charge you for our labour or any parts that we may have replaced in our attempt to fix your device, as per our No Fix, No FEE policy.

However, in the event that your device is Beyond Economical Repair our Free Returns offer does NOT apply anymore and we will require you to pay for the postage fees in order for us to send the device back to you. If you do not wish to receive your device back, no postage fees will be charged. In certain circumstances we may wave this fee and send the device back to you free of charge, however this will be done at our discretion on a customer by customer basis.

Accessories and Miscellaneous items

Please don’t send any accessory like ( SIM cards , memory cards, chargers, mount, software, manuals, carry case) unless we have specifically requested them. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to accessories whilst in our possession.
We may request the certain accessories to be sent in for further testing as they may be related to the fault , in this case we will return them to you once the repair has been completed.

Repair warranty

Our repairs carry a limited 90 days warranty except the following:

  • liquid damage repair – 30 day warranty

If any further physical or liquid damage occurs after the repair it will not be covered by our warranty.

In the unlikely event your device becomes faulty within the warranty period please send the device back with a copy of the receipt or Ref No. and a covering letter stating current fault (we are not liable for your costs to return the unit to us). We will investigate and respond within 3 working days. If the problem is related to the initial repair, we will carry out a further repair free of charge and return at no cost. If the unit has further problems not related to original repair or parts not replaced in previous repair we will contact you and let you make a decision with regards to the cost. We will attempt a re-repair on your unit TWICE after the initial repair. If after this, the unit is still faulty we will issue a refund (minus postage and any Fast Track fee). We will need to see the unit and make sure its faulty prior to issuing a refund.

To clarify: If you send a device to us under the repair warranty, the cost of the postage to send the unit to us will be covered by you, however we will return the unit to you free of charge if a problem is found. If the problem is not related to the original fault or no fault is found, return postage charges will apply.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Maestro, Solo, Visa Delta & PayPal via our online payment system.
Payments are requested by email once a repair has either been completed successfully or if the unit has been deemed Beyond Economical Repair . Cheque payments will be subject to a clearance delay of approximately 5 working days.


We will issue an invoice as soon as the repair has been done and the device has been tested by our engineers. You will be notified via Email, using the address  you have specified in the quote request, that your device is ready. You have 21 days from the date of the invoice to settle the amount specified in the invoice before we send your device back to you.

Mistakes in bills, receipts or payments

Whilst we endeavour to ensure accuracy in all that we do, occasionally mistakes do happen. We will correct any mistakes in bills, receipts or payments as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days of agreeing to do so.

General Disclaimer

All repairs are carried out on a best endeavours basis. All our repair technicians have been in this field for many years and have 1000’s of repairs under their belts, we pride ourselves on our technical “know how” and expertise. Whilst we take the utmost care during the repair of your handset we are not responsible for any complications or further faults that arise during the repair process. On very rare occasions it is possible for your device to have further faults appear/occur during the repair, we will endeavour to assist with this and repair any further faults that you have paid extra to have repaired, but on some occasions unfortunately the repair may not be successful and your device may be completely unrepairable. This is a general disclaimer that you must accept as you would accept personally before surgery of any kind, the same rule applies to electronic repairs.

Lock Codes / Passwords

We would request that you remove any lock codes or passwords on your device as we will need to test your unit after we repair it.

Alternatively, you could supply us with the password or code but we recommend you back up your device first then reset it before sending it to us. If you don’t supply us with the code or password and you have not removed the lock/pass either we cannot be held responsible for any faults with your device as without access to the device we cannot test its full functionality after the repair process is complete.


If you would like to make a complaint, comment or compliment please contact us at [email protected]

Equally your compliments and comments are just as important as they help us to understand what you think we do well so that we can mirror this in all areas of our service to you.